Want to know about princess cut engagement rings

Want to know about princess cut engagement rings?
Thinking about buying a diamond engagement ring and getting a diamond that is bigger for the same budget?
A diamond you should consider is the princess, better known as “the Princess diamond cut”.
This shape of diamond is relatively new, being first introduced to the market in the early 1960’s.
Formerly known as the “Barion” the names origin is unclear but its popularity in the market is only just behind that of the brilliant round cut diamond.
Princess cut diamond engagement rings are a little less expensive than rings with round diamonds, that’s simply because when this shape is cut from the rough form, there is less wastage.
Being a square the edges are not removed.
So this means that for the same budget you will get a bigger diamond if its princess cut than almost any other shape.
Do princess cut diamonds sparkle like round cut diamonds?
You can think about princess diamond cut as having very similar properties to a round diamond accept that the shape is square.
Princess cut wedding bands are growing in popularity because they are a bit different and at the same time maintain the “sparkle” that comes with a round stone.
These stones are certified by the Gemmological institute of America GIA amongst others so you can buy with the certainty that the stone you choose is genuine.
Princess Diamond engagement rings are the most popular rings we have in our store according to Bill Wyman a jewellery retailer in Houston Texas.

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