DIY Knuckle Ring! How to Make Wire Rings (3 Rings: Clover, Heart and Bow)

This DIY knuckle ring tutorial shows how to make 3 wire rings – a bow knuckle wire ring, a clover knuckle wire ring and a heart knuckle wire ring. DIY knuckle rings are also known as mid finger rings or midi rings, since you wear them above the knuckle of your fingers / in the middle of your fingers. If you create a slightly bigger circle to these rings, you can wear these wire knuckle rings as normal rings on your fingers. In this how to make knuckle ring DIY I show how to make knuckle ring out of the wire by using round nose pliers, wire cutters and some round tool like lipstick, marker, mascara to shape the wire ring. I am using a gold gauge jewelry wire, but you can also use a silver or bronze tinted wire to make a ring. The best part about these mid finger rings is that you can be very creative and make countless unique different designs and shapes by playing with the jewelry wire. Knuckle rings are a very popular accessory right now and they are also really easy and simple to make and shape, especially if you are using a thinner wire. Wire rings look super cute, pretty, unique, neat and different putting you in the center of attention. Further, you can make your wire rings adjustable in size, which makes them even more useful! I made the heart and the clover wire rings as such.

Wire rings could also be a perfect present for your friends or loved ones, especially if you design them in a symbolic way. In this DIY tutorial, I design a clover knuckle ring and a heart knuckle ring, which symbolize luck and love or caring. Ring making process is much easier if you use a thinner wire, but if you use a bolder one, your rings will look richer. Further, using colorful wire will make your DIY ring even more fun and unique. Normally, rings and jewelry are made of silver, gold or bronze, but you can use also different colors of the rainbow (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc.) to make your own mid finger ring. You can also use beads or stones and add it to your wire ring, this will make your knuckle ring richer and bolder!

I first made a clover knuckle ring out of the gold wire. I designed the central part of the ring by making 4 heart shapes and connect them together to form a four leaf clover. One heart represents one clover leaf and four of them form our lucky clover. This is more advanced ring design tutorial, but the heart and the bow rings out of wire are much simpler and easier to build and are more suitable for beginners. For the next 2 rings, you can also use a thicker wire to make the rings bolder. To finish the clover knuckle rings, we just need to round up the two parts of wire and form a ring.

Next, I am making a heart wire ring, which is actually designed out of two hearts on each side connected with the golden wire. Finally in this tutorial DIY, I show how to make a bow mid finger ring out of the wire. This ring is so girly and is truly super easy to make. It is perfect for beginners, it’s so simple!

Essential tool to make nice rounded rings out of the wire are a round nose pliers. They make the job much easier and simpler than it would be if you would bend the wire with normal pliers. Another tip in this DIY is to press onto your rounding tool (mascara, marker, lipstick, etc.) at any point in your ring making process if the wire or the ring circle has lost its shape.

In this DIY knuckle rings out of wire I made three designs, but I have many more in my mind – so let me know if you would like to see another episode of wire rings Do It Yourself (DIY). I could also show you how to make wire rings with beads or stones – so let me know if you would like to see these kind of mid finger rings (knuckle rings)!

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