buying a Pear Shape Certified Solitaire Diamond: Price & Quality compare

5 things to know about a Pear Shape Diamond before you Buy .
Price and Quality will matter depending on the Color , Clarity, Cut Shape Size.
a lady from New Delhi wants to know more about Pear SHape diamonds, so following is a simple guide to it

the ideal parameters are as follows
L/W ratio should be 1.48-1.62
depth %: 58-66
table %: 54-62

pear shapes can also have a BOW TIE effect near the belly area which make the portion little Dark, we see to it that we avoid picking such diamonds

Pear shapes can be used for Engagement ring, or a matching Pair for Earrings
also you can use it as a Centre stone for your Necklace

if you are from New York, Mumbai or Hongkong, we can procure the diamond right from the manufacturer , compare with other diamonds and pick the best in price and quality.

you can buy the diamond from us and find a studded and set the diamond in it. it dosnt cost much, infact it will help you save enough