I Tried Recreating This Retro Halloween Costume!

It sorta worked???
Happy November, guys!!! One last spooky video for all of you who, like me, are in denial that it’s no longer October.
I knew ever since I saw the illustration of retro costumes floating around, that I wanted to recreate one, so here you go!! Hopefully you enjoy watching the process of me trying to figure out how to translate the drawing into a real outfit, with a VERY invasive Frodo, and a meltdown or two along the way.
I love you all and Happy Belated Halloween!

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“Sing It Loud” – Golden Age Radio (epidemicsound.com)
An ElectroSwing song I got from Audiojungle.net lol
“Take Me Up With You Dearie” – Robert Nash
“Razzmatazz” – Jules Gaia (epidemicsound.com)
“Our New Victrola” – Golden Age Radio (epidemicsound.com)
“Move Like This” – Jules Gaia (epidemicsound.com)
“Midnight Swing” – Jules Gaia (epidemicsound.com)
“Fright Night” – Odd Chap (youtube.com/oddchap)
“Musical Snapshots” – Columbia Orchestra