Our Beautiful Bellagio Diamond Engagement Rings

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Our jewelry is exclusively designed and completely hand crafted in house from beginning to end. We are committed to the highest standards of jewelry craftsmanship. Each jewel is first crafted to perfectly fit the dimensions of your diamond or stone at your required size. Only then are the diamonds and stones hand set to give them a brilliant secure finish. All of our diamonds are Conflict Free which means that we adhere to the strict Kimberley Process rules and regulations.

This Solitaire with accents ring comes with a Round cut center Diamond ranging from 0.3 CT up to 2.50CT.

H Color:
The H color graded diamond has a slight yellow tint which will be barely noticeable when set in a jewel. This grade is a very popular choice for affordable engagement rings.

SI2 Clarity:
This SI2 clarity diamond has slight inclusions that are visible under magnification. This is the most popular clarity grade as it offers a brilliant diamond while still being affordable for most budgets.

Round Shape:
Your diamond will have a minimum cut/polish/symmetry grade of ‘very good’ or above. The diamonds are cut to perfection and hand set for a brilliant secure finish.

This diamond ships with an independant appraisal certificate issued by DGC (www.dgc-labs.com). This certificate states the appraisal value for insurance purposes and will stay with you as proof for this stone’s quality and characteristics for years to come.

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