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You all know that Tiffany & Co sells amazing engagement rings. This is never the question when it comes to Tiffany. As you can see in our Review of this iconic store,

we absolutely love their product.

The only question about Tiffany is: is it worth it?

We asked some regular people hanging out in a cafe if they could tell the difference between a Tiffany 0.50 carat I Color VVS2 round diamond solitaire and 2 separate rings from Blue Nile.

(See our review of Blue Nile here:

The first ring we compared from Blue Nile was virtually identical in specs (Round, Ideal Cut, I Color, VVS2 Clarity set in a “knife edge” platinum setting).

The Tiffany & Co ring cost $4500 while the Blue Nile ring cost $1800. That’s a whopping 60% less!

Next, we compared the Tiffany ring to a larger Blue Nile ring with specs that we recommend. It’s a 1 carat I Color SI1 Clarity Ideal Cut round diamond set in a 14kt white gold setting of the same style.

The Blue Nile ring cost only $4,300, even though it was double the size.

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After reviewing all of the most popular diamond retailers we have found the best overall experiences buying diamonds online with James Allen and Blue Nile.

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