All About Moissanites: Lauren B Live Show #5

Watch our latest episode which details the rise of moissanite as an engagement ring center-stone. There are comparisons of moissanite vs diamonds and we go into detail on some of our newest custom moissanite ring designs.
Moissanites are lab created gemstones made to mimic the physical and optical properties of diamonds; they are cut into all the popular shapes such as round, cushion cut, radiant etc. They are also quite durable which makes it suitable for everyday wear in an engagement ring.
A lot of people ask what is the main difference between a moissanite and a diamond and how can you tell the two apart? Moissanites are about 80-90% less expensive than diamonds which is a also the major draw for many engagement ring shoppers. As far as the differences, moissanites give off more fire and spectral colors as part of its sparkle. Watch this educational video to learn more and see some close up examples of moissanite vs diamond as well some of our most popular moissanite engagement ring designs.

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