5.88 Carat Princess Cut Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Black Gold

Black Upon Black: Striking Distinctiveness in a Proposal Ring
When you first take this black diamond and black gold engagement ring out of its Liori Diamonds box, be prepared to be amazed. Though we do our best to bring you the finest images of all our fine jewelry, it’s tough to showcase just how incredible this ring looks in person. The natural black diamonds seem to have a life and shimmer of their own, and the black gold simply radiates classiness and style. This is one black gold and black diamond engagement ring that is guaranteed to take your loved one’s breath away!

Black Diamonds Have Taken the Jewelry World by Storm
In today’s fine jewelry marketplace, black diamonds are gaining popularity. Found only in two places on the planet, they are mined and then sorted. In their natural state, black diamonds sometimes look a little greenish. Jewelers use irradiation to turn them permanently and consistently black. Plus, irradiation gives them a bit of a shine that allows them to more intensely reflect light.

Although black diamonds are opaque and do not allow any light to pierce the stone, experts can cut them to maximize their glow. This black diamond and black gold engagement ring totaling 5.88 carats includes a central black diamond in a princess cut, as well as surrounding fancy black diamonds in a round brilliant style. The princess and round brilliant cuts are the two most popular cuts for both black and white diamonds.

Black Gold With Black Diamonds Makes a Strong, Beautiful Statement
If you’re unfamiliar with black gold, you might be surprised when you first see it. A special overlay process creates black gold. Jewelers overlay Rhodium onto 14K gold, and this turns the gold black.

Although black gold is very tough, it does need to be treated with care. The rhodium can rub off if the black gold is exposed to acids or harsh cleansers. It’s always best to take off any black gold jewelry before cleaning or swimming.

If you’d prefer not to have to worry about your engagement ring, and you want to wear it all the time, we can always adjust this piece to be 14K white gold instead of 14K black gold. White gold is incredibly easy to take care of and requires no special instructions.

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