5.68 Carat Princess Cut Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Black Gold

Indulge in an Elegant Princess Cut Black Ring
Are you looking for discount black diamond rings with all the appeal of more expensive fine jewelry pieces? At Liori Diamonds, you’ll find princess cut black diamond engagement rings that are not only stylish, but are also affordable.

We pride ourselves in offering you the best black diamond rings you can find, and this proposal ring shows just how distinctive our rings are. From the central stone in a princess cut style to the surrounding white diamonds set in 18K black gold, you’ll be amazed at how far your budget can go when you shop at Liori Diamonds.

Black Diamonds: Unusual and Unforgettable
If you’re unfamiliar with black diamonds, prepare to be amazed! Black diamonds are found in parts of South America and Africa, and have a greenish tint after they’ve first been mined. Liori Diamonds uses a process called irradiation to treat our black diamonds, creating a more even tone and a sparkle that isn’t found in raw black diamonds. Irradiation enhances the stone permanently and gives it a stylish, elegant appeal.

The majority of black diamonds available through Liori Diamonds have a quality rating of AAA, which is the highest quality available. They do not have a clarity rating, as light does not pass through black diamonds.

The Princess Cut Adds Shimmer to Black Diamonds
Because they don’t naturally have a lot of shine, experienced jewelers must cut black diamonds precisely to make them shimmer. The princess cut is one of the most popular ways that black diamonds are shaped. By adding facets to the top and sides of the stone, the stone seems to dance with a glow that would otherwise not be there. If you love remarkable jewelry, you’ll adore our princess cut black ring!

Why You’ll Find the Best Black Diamonds Rings at Liori Diamonds
At Liori Diamonds, we’ve established a long-term reputation for offering colored diamonds, including black diamonds, that will offer you matchless beauty. We expertly examine, identify and cut each black diamond. Then, we place it into an unforgettable setting. No matter what kind of style you prefer in black diamond engagement rings, you’re apt to find it in our online store.

Your 5 Carat Black Diamond Ring Will Highlight Your Unique Love
If you want to purchase a 5 carat black diamond ring for an upcoming proposal, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find many black diamond engagement rings in our hand-picked collection. Simply find the right one that best highlights your unique love and make your purchase online. Remember that all Liori Diamonds jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee, as well as a limited lifetime warranty.

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If you ever have a question about this black diamond engagement ring or any of our other beautiful pieces, call the pros at Liori Diamonds at 888-888-3321. If you prefer a totally Internet-based service experience, we also offer fast, convenient and personalized online chats with customer service experts.