2.26 Carat H-VVS1 Certified Natural Round Diamond Engagement Ring 18k White Gold

The Traditional Choice: A Classic Round Diamond Engagement Ring
Are you looking for one of the most traditional styles of an engagement ring? The classic round diamond engagement ring is an ideal selection. Featuring a round brilliant cut central diamond of approximately 1.71 carats and side diamonds weighing roughly 0.55 carats, this engagement ring is set in stunning 18K white gold. You will love the dazzle and shine this ring provides.

Understanding the Popularity of the Round Brilliant Diamond
As you investigate options to buy classic engagement rings online, you’ll notice that many offer a round brilliant diamond cut. This particular cut of diamond is one of the most popular around the world because it is suitable to so many tastes and styles. The round brilliant cut allows the diamond crafter to have a wide range of freedom in terms of the height of the stone. This classic round diamond engagement ring has a modest height, allowing the diamond to rise attractively from the level of the ring finger.

What a Diamond Color Represents
The color of a diamond is graded from D to Z. The central diamond of this engagement ring is rated H, which means it’s practically colorless. Though there may be slight traces of color in the stone, the color will not be visible to the naked eye and will have little impact on the overall effect of the diamond. All you will notice is how incredible this round diamond engagement ring looks and how well it reflects the light!

Know the Clarity of Your Diamond Engagement Ring
The clarity of a diamond engagement ring like this one is a measurement for its flawlessness. A perfectly flawless diamond is given a rating of FL — and these types of diamonds are incredibly rare. As you can see, the central diamond in this engagement ring is VVS1. This means it has microscopic inclusions (imperfections) that can only be noticed from the bottom of the stone. The crown, or top, of the diamond has no inclusions. Even trained diamond graders can have difficulty finding the inclusions on a VVS1 stone!

Why Buy a Classic Diamond Engagement Ring Online Set in White Gold?
There’s little doubt that 18K white gold is a standard choice for engagement rings. If you want a look that’s similar to platinum or silver but has the rich opulence of gold, white gold is the perfect solution. Plus, white gold plays beautifully against all the diamonds in an engagement ring. All you will see when you look at the ring is a burst of elegance and shimmer!

Find Classic Engagement Rings Online From a Jeweler You Trust
Liori Diamonds is a recognized name in the diamond ring industry. You can trust that what you purchase online will be of the highest quality. This gives you tremendous peace of mind when choosing from our collection of classic engagement rings in all shapes, sizes, grades and colors. If you ever have questions, feel free to contact our customer service department at 888-888-3321 or request to speak with a team member through our online customer chat.