2.01 Ct. GIA Certified E-SI2 Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring In Platinum

The Round Classic Diamond Ring: Romance Is in the Air
Are you looking for a classic round solitaire diamond engagement ring that offers simple elegance? This classic white engagement ring from Liori Diamonds is an incredible value. Weighing just over two carats, the central diamond has been cut in a round brilliant style, which is one of the most popular types of cut for engagement rings. From every angle, you will be astounded by the way the diamond captures and reflects even low light sources.

Why Purchase a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?
You will notice that the diamond featured in this classic round solitaire ring has been clarity-enhanced using a process called laser drilling. Laser drilling improves the clarity grade in a diamond with inclusions. Inclusions are small imperfections that are often invisible to the naked eye but affect the way the stone can sparkle. A laser drill bores tremendously thin holes into the stone. Through these tunnels, the diamond cutter can remove the inclusions. As long as there is a minimal amount of laser drill holes in the diamond, the stone should remain sturdy and unaffected by the enhancement process.

Clarity enhancement of this type usually improves the clarity of a diamond by at least one grade. The round classic diamond in this engagement ring from Liori Diamonds has a clarity rating of S12, which means it was originally a grade below and has been improved through laser drilling. When you purchase this classic white engagement ring online, you will receive a certificate of authenticity from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The certificate will show exactly where your diamond has been drilled to remove or reduce the impact of its natural inclusions.

Platinum Makes a Perfect Setting for a Classic Round Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
For many years, platinum has increased in popularity among people who wish to purchase traditional-looking diamond engagement rings with a modern feel. Due to platinum’s white/silver color, it adds no shades or tints to your diamond. When you look at the ring, all you will see is a white shimmer. It’s the perfect setting for a diamond ring that has a contemporary appearance with classical features.

How to Take Care of Your Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond engagement rings are robust enough to wear every day, but you should always treat your diamond engagement ring with care. We recommend you remove your engagement ring when doing any cleaning or activity that could cause trauma to the stone or setting. When you aren’t wearing your ring, you should store it in a jewelry box or other safe, cushioned place where it is unlikely to be damaged.

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