1.70 Carat G-SI1 Round Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Rose Gold Vintage Style

Are you someone who’s seeking a diamond engagement ring that’s certainly going to stand out in all occasions? Then this Liori Diamonds piece is a must-see! Not only are the diamonds – including the spectacular centerpiece diamond – set brilliantly in 14K rose gold, but the details are absolutely magnificent. There is no doubt that this diamond engagement ring will become a treasured heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.

Why Craftsmanship Is So Critical in a Diamond Engagement Ring
There are so many diamond engagement rings available on the marketplace that it can sometimes seem overwhelming to figure out which is the right one to buy. But when you work with Liori Diamonds, you can always be sure you’re getting a piece that’s been carefully crafted by experts.

This particular engagement ring illustrates that point. You’ll notice that the designer didn’t only focus on the diamonds, which are remarkable in their own right, but also spent time on the filigreed band. The movement that’s generated from the way the 14K rose gold has been contoured adds a delightful, classic and stylish touch. You’ll be incredibly pleased when you see this diamond engagement ring in person – as beautiful as it looks in the images you see here, it looks even more elegant in person.

Feather-Filled Diamonds Add Sparkle to Any Ring
The center diamond of this 1.70 carat weight ring has been specially chosen to suit this exquisite piece of fine jewelry. It has not only been cut in the round brilliant style, which allows the light to pass through the stone in a striking way, but it’s also been clarity enhanced through a process known as feather-filling.

Feather-filled diamonds have taken center stage for more than two decades. Feather-filling uses a process that allows the diamonds to be filled with an incredibly small amount of material that essentially closes the natural inclusions that are typically found in any diamond. Without the inclusions, the diamond is better able to sparkle when light hits it. The outcome is a diamond that’s much shinier and clearer than before.

It’s important to remember that clarity enhancement does not mean the diamond is unnatural. It also does not take away from the value of the stone. In fact, when you buy your 14K gold diamond engagement ring, you’ll receive a certification that authenticates its value. We recommend that you insure your diamond engagement ring, using an AGI certificate as a guideline.

How Rose Gold Takes This Ring to New Levels of Beauty
There’s just something about the right setting that makes any engagement ring more appealing. That’s certainly the case with 14K rose gold. In this diamond engagement ring, the rose gold plays off the central diamond, as well as the inlaid side diamonds. That’s part of the beauty of 14K rose gold, and why rose gold is often the go-to setting choice for engagement rings that have a vintage styling.

It’s Time to Add Liori Diamonds to Your Jewelry Collection
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