6 Most Expensive Rings of the World Ever Made

6 Most Expensive Rings of the World Ever Made

The Vivid Yellow Ring (Dream Diamond Ring) – $16.3 million
this ring was sold In auction for 16.3 million dollars. The person who loves yellow will fall for this ring. The yellow diamond sits on this ring is the most expensive of all time, and was sold at a Sotheby’s Geneva auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels.

Perfect Pink Diamond – $23.2 Million
The diamond used in this ring is Perfect Pink Diamond which was a record-breaking jewel sold at auction. The diamond weights at 14.23-carat while it and was sold at a Christie’s auction. The auction was held in Hong Kong. it has such a magnificent look. Cut into a rectangle shape, the jewel is a rare shade with pink-hued. in fact, there are only about 18 known diamonds in the world hither to that weigh more than 10-carats that have been sold at any auction ever.

The Winston Blue Diamond Ring – $23.8 Million
the ring comprised a flawless, vivid blue diamond as a centerpiece. The diamond is the biggest one in the whole entire world, It cost for 23-8 million dollars and weights at 13.22 carats. The teardrop-shaped or almond-shaped diamond looks absolutely perfect.

The Graff Pink Diamond Ring – $46.2 million
The diamond used in this ring is weights at 24.78 carats. Around 63 years ago this diamond ring was sold for 46.2 million dollars. The Graff Pink diamond ring was sold at a Sotheby’s auction In HongKong. It was sold by a famous jeweler Harry Winston. In the auctioned the ring fetched almost double than the expected price since in those days the sale and purchase of diamond-made things was usually kept secret, but it was done openly. Its open auction take part to get its doubled price.

Pink Star Diamond Ring – $72.00 Million
This ring has a 72-million-dollar diamond in it. Isaac wolf is the previous owner of the piece. It was such an expensive diamond that many rich bidders had to meet with disappointment who desired to buy this diamond in the auction. Originally mined in Africa, the diamond looks like a huge scarab beetle, but it is indeed a pink diamond. When firstly found, originally, the diamond was 132-6 carat in its natural state.

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring – $ 80 Million
this Wittelsbach-Graaf Diamond Ring valued at 80 million dollars. it become the most expensive ring of the world in this list.

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