Why Should You Buy Your Love A Colored Engagement Ring?

1. Your Fiancee Is Fashion– Forward Or Likes To Be Unique- Is your lady stylish and fashion forward?A colored engagement ring is for the woman who has taste in the creative and more experimental ways of dressing. A fashionable and stylish woman is more likely to like a stunning colored engagement ring. She will thank you for being spontaneous and understanding of her unique and adventurous taste pallet.

2. Go the celebrity Style– Who isn’t inspired by what celebrities wear, they are trend setters. They have access to the rarest and the most expensive designs, we understand that you don’t want to spend as much as the celebrities, and here are some affordable options. You may call them as celebrity look alike.
Jessica simpson
Elizabeth Hurley
Victoria Beckham

3. Keeping Budget In Mind– Where emotions are concerned, usually one doesn’t care about money, but it’s always wise to care about it. When does this saying come into essence, while buying an engagement ring of-course.
White diamond engagement rings are awesome, they are classic and of course they are very beautiful. However, when you buy the same size of sapphire or ruby instead of a diamond it’s definitely more affordable and ofcourse she will thank you for being so imaginative! You can easily say it would cost you 30% cheaper.

4. Diamonds Don’t Suit You– Diamond are universal and have been the epitome of love and commitment for eons. They are the favourite amongst any woman and every man on this planet gifts his love a diamond. But what if a problem arises? What if your lady love feels that diamonds don’t suit her? Don’t worry, women do feel this sometimes, they feel they prefer color instead of white diamond ring- and that’s okay- all you have to do is buy her a colored engagement ring!

5. Moh’s Scale– What exactly is the MOH’s scale? It basically tells you the durability of the gemstone. Where the rating is given on the scale of 10, 10 being the hardest and 1 being softest. Sapphire has a rating of 9 and it is extremely durable ruby is 8 and rest of the gemstones are softer. This doesn’t mean the other gemstones will break out, if you buy them in bigger sizes (10×5 mm) nothing will effect them, they will be as strong as the precious stones. This is a factor to be considered before buying a colored engagement ring.

6. Investment Perspective– Investing in a gemstone is always worth it, why? Because you can wear it for a lifetime and when you trade it with something else years after- the price increases! So you are always profiting.