Top 5 Breathtaking Green Gemstone Rings

Top 5 Breathtaking Green Gemstone Rings

The first of all the green gemstones we are going to feature is known as the “Agate.” The agate gem is a stone filled with wonder and mystery. Often associated with the earth’s ever changing features, the agate stone carries with it not only the ever attractive green shade but inclusions that make the stone more interesting. If you’re looking for a green gemstone jewelry that is both beautiful and alluring, you may try setting your eyes on agate rings and agate jewelry pieces.

Without a doubt, when it comes to colored engagement rings, one of the most popular choices is the emerald engagement ring. The beauty and the valor in the look of this vibrant green gemstones can be traced back to the old days where even the royals go head over heels in love with the emerald gem. Among the green gemstone rings out there, the emerald holds an exceptional beauty. Shimmer and glimmer in green with the help of this gorgeous emerald engagement ring.

Second to emerald, the jade is also one of the most popular green gemstones out there. With its popularity dating back the Chinese civilization, it’s easy to see why: it’s full of mystery and meaning and its qualities are more than what meets the eye. The jade gem holds in itself the capacity to bring the enchantment from the ring to the owner. Because jade is such an iconic green gemstone, we looked for an iconic design for it and we found this leaf-inspired ring made from jade!

Perhaps in your search for emerald ring dupes, you have come across this beautiful lime gemstone, the peridot. Is this gem only limited to being just a dupe of the emerald? Well, we most certainly disagree. This gemstone is a beauty of its own. Totally different in hue compared to emeralds, a peridot gem is a picture of warm summer paradise, a promise of bright days. If you love twinkling gems, this is a great, great choice. Can you just see also how its beauty is emphasized with all those glimmering diamonds around it?

Last but not the least, we have the serpentine gemstone. Among the green gemstone jewelry pieces mentioned here, we have a strong guess that serpentine is much that is not that heard of. Besides, who has ever purchased a serpentine jewelry? When it comes to green gems, all we can ever think of is emerald or jade or peridot. But little do we know that this gemstone also carries a beauty of its own. It kind of reminds me of Slytherine (or a gem slytherines would surely wear). There’s much more to this gem that it looks.


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