Most Expensive Ring in The World 2017 | Hollywood Celebrity Engagement Rings – Top List Ever

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It is felt that the engagement ring which is exhibited by a spouse or life partner mirrors his adoration to the ladies who gets it. Thus, every man tries to exhibit the best and most alluring engagement ring for his beau to have the capacity to have her heart and mirror his genuine romance.

Engagement rings contrast in their shapes, hues and costs to make each one picks what suits his financial plan. Those men who are known to be exceptionally affluent think about only one thing when they buy an engagement ring and it is the cost of the ring as the more expensive the ring seems to be, the more noteworthy it will be.

It doesn’t make a difference whether the ring that is picked as an expensive one is the most excellent or not. It is just about its value comparing to other engagement rings that are sold or even were sold some time recently. Here is a fast look at the main 5 world’s most expensive rings and their proprietors.

1. Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring – $8.8 million

2. Beyonce’s engagement ring – $5 million

3. Paris Hilton’s engagement ring – $4.7 million

4. Grace Kelly’s engagement ring – $4.06 million

5. Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring – $4 million

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