6 Enormous Celebrity Engagement Rings

6 Enormous Celebrity Engagement Rings

The inheritress received a shocking 20-carat pear-shaped sparkler from actor Chris Zylka whereas sport in poplar, Colorado over New Year’s 2018. “The ring was thus attractive and sparkling,” the star told individuals of the large rock. “I was shaking as I place it on. it’s the foremost lovely ring that I actually have ever seen.” The extra-large stone is about on a noble metal split shank halo band and is valued about to $2 million.

Blake Lively was present with 12-carat oval-cut diamond from her husband Ryan Reynolds. The ring said to be worth $2 million and has rose gold accents and a double diamond-encrusted band.

Queen Bey’s gorgeous 18-carat emerald-cut ring from her husband of 9 years, Jay-Z, was designed by Lorraine Schwartz and is claimed to be price $5 million.

It’s no surprise that the important Housewives of Beverly Hills star rocks a 20-carat bauble on her hand. The ring from her husband, Kenneth Todd, options associate degree emerald-cut diamond in a very pave setting and is priced around $2 million.

Kate was present with 12-carat oval by Prince William, Th ering was used to belong to his mother, Princess Diana. The sapphire stone is surronded by 14 solitaire diamonds and is set on a white gold band.

The Modern Family star’s extra-large engagement ring from Joe Manganiello has a 7-carat diamond and is set in a halo setting on top of a pave diamond band.

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