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Black Diamond Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Black diamond engagement rings are one of the rarest pieces of jewelry and are considered more expensive than any other diamond color. The black diamond got its name because of its friendly color. Typically, these diamonds are located between the Central African Republic and Brazil and are considered the oldest diamonds in the world as they are believed to be more than three billion years old.

When you are ready to get a black diamond engagement ring, you need to be financially ready as these are just as expensive as other colors of diamonds. While white diamonds have become a popular center stone for engagement rings, black diamonds are also great, especially for the fashion-conscious people. As they say, there is nothing classified except the color black. This diamond color goes perfectly with any color outfit. It can also look casual if you wear it on a daily basis, and its appearance can change too, as it can easily look good in a formal dress. This is perfect if you want to wear it for special occasions.

The color black is usually associated with death, sadness, and darkness. Black diamond fastening rings represent authority, strength, power and passion. This symbolism makes it a perfect gift, especially if you want to offer it. Black diamonds are not the exact color of black; It is dark in color due to the accumulation of sulfide in the rocks. This gives the diamond a gray, black color.

Ring with black diamonds

Black diamond engagement rings are perfect for both sexes, women in power and women who have faith in what’s better about black diamonds. Hence, it is practically a perfect engagement ring jewel for both men and women.

In engagement rings, round and princess cuts are the most popular shapes, making it suitable for three stone engagement rings with black diamonds as the shape and center stone for hollow engagement rings. This is the desired size for black diamonds because they don’t reflect light.

Black diamonds are opaque, which means they don’t shine a lot, which means you can opt for a bezel or a longer setting without having issues with how black diamonds shine. However, if you choose to go with platinum, palladium, or white gold metals, black diamond rings are perfect so you can add contrasting colors to the ring.

Shopping for black diamond rings can also be a challenge. Since these diamonds can be rare, finding a high quality can be a challenge. In this case, all you need to consider is the cut and the carat, as precision is rarely tested. The only downside to a black diamond engagement ring is that you have to check out the shapes that make it shiny as it doesn’t block the light to start. However, according to your budget, you need to determine the type of ring you want to buy. This is because, like ordinary diamonds, black diamonds are more expensive when they are larger.

Make sure you buy high quality black diamonds! Don’t rush to make sure you’re buying the perfect product that will fit your budget. Take a few months to make a canvas, and even buy it from a reputable jewelry store!


Black Diamond Engagement Rings: Things to Know

Looking for something unique? The black diamond engagement ring takes the tradition of Tihya in a new way. From trendsetters after Carrie Bradshaw to their own hearts to rebels like Carmen Electra, all types of women love the sophistication and humor of black engagement rings! But what exactly is a black diamond? And how do you choose the right one? Okay it depends what you want. Here are 8 things to look for in a black engagement ring!

1. What is a black diamond ring about?

A black diamond engagement ring has a black diamond center that is usually surrounded by small white diamonds! Outside of the general color range, black is considered a “fancy” colored diamond. It is a unique choice for couples looking for a stylish, decorative or gothic engagement ring. Many black engagement rings have very large center stones due to their unique properties and low prices.

2) is black diamond shiny?

Yes, but no white diamond does that. This is because, unlike white diamonds, black diamonds are not seen. As a result, these black gemstones sparkle in a metallic glow rather than triggering reactive fireworks sparks.

3. Is a black diamond a real diamond?


That’s right! Natural black diamonds are found in the world! However, these are quite rare. Interestingly, natural blacks are a form of regular, colorless diamond that contains large amounts of carbon. In other words, these are white diamonds that were born with many birthmarks! When magnified, these moles look like small black dots and small groups of networks called “clouds”. Natural diamonds have some of those black clouds, but not enough to make them completely black. They are called “salt and pepper” diamonds!

Treated or “improved”

Another type of black diamond engagement ring is a natural white diamond that has been “treated” with black. It’s more common than naturally occurring blacks. In fact, most of the black gemstones sold today are treated in some way. Scientists have two ways of treating diamonds to create a black color. Both start with less attractive natural diamonds. The method that gem scientists use to blacken gemstones depends on why the original diamond is dated.

Gemstone Geek Moment: Natural diamonds with lots of fractures and inclusions turn black at incredibly high temperatures, creating a “graphic” of posture. On the flip side, natural stones that start out as unconventional colors are irradiated, causing a black color to accumulate on top of a less beautiful color to be both safe and permanent in this treatment. In addition, treated stones are cheaper than natural stones and look the same color!

Laboratory stones

Diamond scientists also make black diamonds in laboratories! There are two main types of lab stones: those that are actually very dark brown or dark blue (not actually “black”) and that start out and shine as less attractive colorless diamonds (just like their natural cousins)! It is important that there is no difference in the chemical composition between natural diamonds and laboratory diamonds. They’re both a 10 on the hardness scale. There is also no visual difference between a natural and a black laboratory diamond. On the other hand, gemologists (and well-trained customers like you) can, on closer inspection, distinguish very dense blue / brown laboratory diamonds.

4. How much does a black diamond fastening ring cost?

Good question. Depending on whether you want a natural stone, a treated stone or a laboratory stone on black, this is seen as a “fancy” colored diamond. So these are the most expensive categories (but they are still a lot cheaper than the same size white diamonds!). . Laboratory blacks step forward. Then finally treat the diamond. Why do you ask diamonds are the cheapest? The answer is that they started out as diamonds that wouldn’t otherwise be sold. So you are getting great value!

Premium Natural Krishnacura Black Lab Black
Price per carat $ 1,000- $ 3,000 / carat $ 300- $ 1,500 / carat $ 700- $ 1,000 / carat

5. How do I choose the best black diamond?


While black diamonds differ from white diamonds in their selection (cutting the most important “C” of the four Cs), clarity is most important. I know what you’re thinking. “Hello! You just told me I have a black stone, thanks for picking up a couple of these!” I know, I know, but your way of capturing it is very important. Natural diamonds can have internal inclusions (whatever you want in this case) and then they can have surface stains (which you don’t really want in this case). Check out the following:

Can you see all the breaks on the stone right? This includes surface delivery. Not only do these fractures disrupt the beauty of this gem, they also put your stone at risk for chipping and cracking. Nuoo! Now look at the gem on the left. Do you see its smooth surface? All inclusions are in the gemstone. You get this midnight black look without compromising the beauty or your rocks.

Pro Tip: You will see black diamonds listed online between $ 100 and $ 5,000 per carat. There’s a reason they sell for 100 / / carats – they’re either dangerously contained, treated, or (maybe even more) dangerously contained stones that are treated. Beware of “stock” photos, which look like a pretty smooth gem. For this price? It is not being sold.


The next thing to see is color. Natural black stones get their color from inclusions, sometimes this color can be a bit mended. This is where these “salt and pepper” diamonds come into play. To get that all-black look, always look closely at the area of ​​each surface of your gemstone to make sure that all the colors are the same from the side (you don’t want your ring to turn to the side and see a clear spot! ).


Black diamonds come in all shapes! The “cutting” is not just the size of your stone, however. How good is this aspect? Unlike traditional diamond white diamonds, a natural black stone cut is not about light returns and sparks. Because black gemstones don’t glow the same way (not because of their appearance). Instead, natural blacks turn off more metallic sheen. As a result, facial symmetry is very clear and very important.

Draw an imaginary line in the center of your stone to look for “face symmetry”. Now compare the left side with the right side. Are all the small cuts of your stone (its “sides”) mirrored? If not, go ahead. The symmetry of these cuts determines how high quality your stone looks.

Treatment and certification

As a reminder – always treat your stones! Since treated diamonds are much cheaper than natural diamonds, you really want to know what you bought. Certification is less important if you want treated diamonds. However, if you want a natural black, always choose a certified diamond to make sure it isn’t distorted! Choosing a certified stone is the best way to ensure that you are actually buying natural diamonds. The certificate further protects your investment by providing your insurer and any future owner with unique credible evidence that the jewel is natural.

6. What does a black diamond symbolize?

A fastening ring with black diamonds symbolizes trust and strength. They say you don’t need anyone’s approval! Couples who like a great dark look have great styles:

Fashion forward

Couples looking for a fashionable setting will love the black diamond engagement ring with halos and large center stones. Lots of options available! Couples can choose a large black center stone in almost any size from round to oval. Couples can add a combination, color, or color to a black hall, white hall!

Edge and Gothic engagement rings

Those who want a very strong, dark look will prefer the more gothic style of engagement rings. Look for given shapes like pear and marquee and place them in cool metals like white gold and platinum. And a gothic engagement ring tip: see black rhodium (a coating for white gold!)


The ultimate expression of Art Deco fashion is black and white. Also, Art Deco liked all the squares and rectangles. Therefore, classic decorative couples should look for mixed ashtray and emerald cuts in mixed black and white diamonds.

7. What is the best value of a black diamond engagement ring?

Those looking for the best price will find it in treated diamonds. However, these stones are not very “valuable” in terms of investment quality. On the other hand, natural black diamonds are rarely seen, which is much cheaper than white diamonds. We would therefore suggest that the best value in terms of price and quality of investment is natural black diamond. Interestingly, if the size is greater than 3 carats, the price per carat (like the price per pound per deli) does not increase any further for black diamonds (as opposed to white carats, where the price per carat skyrockets). So if you go for a black five (5) carat diamond, you have to pay the same price for every three (3) carat. As a result, those who want to be big can get huge at a tremendous price!

8. Can you help me make the best black diamond engagement ring?

It will be my pleasure. Are you looking for a chic ring? A decoration masterpiece? A sharp, gothic engagement ring? And I’d love to do a custom search for the perfect black diamond for your particular ring!


Rose Gold Black Diamond Engagement Ring

How To Choose?

In this article you will learn:

  • Symbols and meanings of a black diamond ring.
  • How to choose a black diamond ring

Black Diamond means

Typically, people associate the color “black” with death and grief. However, black is characterized by authority, strength, power, certainty and passion. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a black engagement ring is a symbol of the couple’s love and passion and the strength of their commitment.

The traditional method, however, is that when you think of the engagement ring, the first image that comes to mind is a solitaire engagement ring with a white diamond. The general idea is that a diamond ring means a classic and grizzly white (or colorless) diamond ring.

But nowadays people can no longer take the path of adventure. They do not hesitate to express their love in a unique and unique way and are trendsetters themselves.

Or I might add that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that their expression of love should be somewhat dramatic and extraordinary. These pioneers want to combine all these characteristics and attributes with their engagement ring.

So why not a black diamond ring? Black diamonds in particular offer an attractive and refined alternative to white diamonds and gemstone engagement rings. You can also read about pink diamond mounting rings, blue diamond engagement rings, and yellow diamond mounting rings.

Are black diamonds really “black”?

Diamonds come in different colors – such as B. Pink, yellow, blue, etc. Black Most naturally occurring black diamonds are not uniformly black, but are gray in color.

But the black diamond we see in the market is colorful and almost opaque. Dark diamonds are rendered using black color enhancement techniques. Due to the solid black color, there is no refraction (e.g. diamonds of other fancy colors), so the diamond looks opaque. However, black diamonds have their own unique luster.

Does it suit my personality?

Why not! When you are a confident woman you want to be in control of things and get bold and unusual affection, but of course, yes!

If you like puzzles and fascinating aura and are not afraid to try new things in your life, then Black Diamond is for you. If you want your engagement ring to add sophistication and style, choose a black diamond engagement ring.

Is Black Diamond Affordable?

Yes, a black diamond is definitely cheaper than a white diamond. It can cost a lot more in terms of color, cut, and carat. Regardless of whether the stone is natural or color enhanced, black diamonds play an important role in determining the price.

Color-enhanced stone is cheaper than a natural black diamond, and you can usually find identical black color-enhanced black diamonds on the market.

What about sustainability?

Black diamonds are as hard as any other diamond. Thus a black diamond ring is as durable as a white diamond ring. However, the excessive inclusion of a black diamond makes it a little more brittle than a colorless diamond, making the chip riskier. Even so, a black diamond ring is perfect for everyday wear and is not easy to cut or wear.

Should I propose with a black diamond engagement ring?

Yes of course! If you believe in your own love and don’t let people’s opinions dominate you, why not? Are you driven by emotions and do you stand by your decision? Are you setting your own course and not following what others are doing? If you answered yes, then follow your heart as it pushes you towards the black diamond engagement ring.

The best part is that the black diamond engagement ring is suitable for both men and women. Yes, it looks beautiful when worn by the bride and at the same time looks very manly when donated by the groom. If you are both loving and adventurous, the Black Diamond engagement ring will definitely suit your taste and personality.

How to choose a black diamond ring

When choosing a black diamond ring, you need to consider the following questions. I am sure it will help you buy better.

Which shape should I choose?

Because black diamonds don’t reflect light, they are usually cut round, oval, or square. These shapes do justice to the deep black color and look best as a solitaire in black engagement rings.

What would be the best setting for my black engagement ring?

This is a very real question. In general, when setting another gemstone or diamond, it is important to check the passage of light so that refraction and reflection of light can occur. This is best done to ensure the gemstone flashes.

The black diamond, however, is opaque and is not essential to direct light through it. Therefore it has very few restrictions and is quite flexible. Black diamond rings look great when placed in a pendant, plaster, or channel setting.

In a black diamond ring, the center stone is usually painted with small white diamonds. The fantastic play in the contrast between black and white creates a unique interesting element. For this reason, a black diamond ring is usually set in white gold or platinum, since shades of white grow well with intense black diamonds.

My advice – think long term

However, don’t choose a black diamond engagement ring as others will buy it. The engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that you will cherish for a lifetime and that you can wear every day. Is there any reason to regret your decision for years? So look for it because it’s there, not because of the trend or because it’s cheaper than the Solitaire White Diamond Attachment Ring.

If your main focus is on budget and you are looking for an affordable engagement ring, your best bet is to buy a CZ engagement ring or a Moisanite engagement ring. After all, the engagement ring is a reflection of our personality and “who you are”. So if a black diamond really suits your personality, go for it!