3 Carat Engagement Ring

3 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

3 carat diamond rings are a great choice for an engagement ring. Retina offers three carat diamond rings to suit all tastes and budgets – each with their own characteristics and glitter. Pay attention to the cut and clarity of the 3-carat diamond ring. If you need help creating a 3 carat diamond fastener ring, you can chat online with our customer service team – we’re here to help.

3 Carat Diamond Ring Prices: The Expert Buying Guide

For 3-carat diamonds, consider only standard cuts on the GIA scale or a high-quality cut. Choose a G-I on the precision and color scale of VS1 or VS2. Choose from a reputable diamond seller who offers GIA or ASG certification for every diamond.

  • A well-cut, stunning 3-carat diamond will win the hearts of customers and those who see it. Because of its carat weight, a 3-carat diamond offers exceptional power for brightness, shine and fire.
  • However, buying a 3-carat diamond will not produce the desired result. You can buy a poorly cut 3 carat diamond like a yellow gold setting or a great 3 carat diamond like this one.
  • As you can see, diamonds of the same carat weight differ dramatically in their overall attractiveness and luster.
  • When we refer to 3 carat diamonds, we are specifically discussing weight. 3 carats correspond to 600 mg or 0.6 g. From another point of view, a 3-carat diamond weighs almost as much as raisins.
  • Diamonds all cost carats. For example, a 2.50 carat diamond could cost 12 12,280 per carat. The diamond costs 12,280 x 2.50, which is 30,700.

The price of a carat diamond also increases with the higher weight class. For example, a 2-carat diamond could cost 8 8,380 per carat while a similar 3-carat diamond 10 could cost 10,920 per carat. The price increases significantly with weight due to the higher weight of the diamond and the higher price per carat in the weight class.

Ringo Eye Approved Eye Clean Diamond

The weight distribution should be considered, as the price of a carat does not increase steadily with the increase in weight. The price of diamonds is often determined more by emotion than reason.

Although it seems appropriate to look for diamonds that are just below the new weight class, such as. B. a 2.9.0 to 2.99 carat diamond, which is not really the case.

The search for an “almost” 3 carat diamond has become very popular. This popularity increases the price of these specific diamonds and minimizes cost savings. Also, diamond cutters have become more efficient at their job, and it is incredible to find a well-cut 2.90 carat diamond.

Finally, you can look for a 2.99 carat + diamond. However, we strongly recommend that you do not specifically try to find one as you will be severely limiting your search potential without skimming anything.

If you are looking for a 3 carat diamond, we recommend reading this post to learn how to choose a significant diamond instead of a lamp. The time to understand some basics will pay off with your final purchase.

If you need help with your diamond search please contact our diamond experts, they will be happy to encourage you to review and review the diamond source.

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Where to Buy 3 Carat Diamond Rings

As the size of the diamond increases and the number of options decreases, it is more efficient to contact us directly. We can help you navigate through the different options and determine the path to which you want to maximize your value when you get the best ring possible.

A 3 carat diamond ring gives you more flexibility and options because of the larger budget and larger carat weight. While Blue Blue and James Allen still have amazing perks in their business model on an extra budget, other factors are effective.

If you search online, you have a tremendous chance of finding a great 3 carat diamond at a great price.

Through our years of experience we have tested several diamond dealers and have a constant impulse for the companies that you can trust.

For the best diamond cut with exceptional quality, we recommend:

Blau Blau: Over 17 years of experience, high quality certifications (GIA and AGS), exceptional inventory of diamond and engagement ring settings, exceptional diamond quality and sophisticated jewelry.

Example of a stunning 3 carat diamond ring from blue to blue:

3.55 round cut diamond in French width

Brian Gavin Diamonds: With the Hearts and Arrows collection, the “Brian Gavin Signature” presents super ideal cuts, delivers only the best diamonds and offers all diamonds a high-quality certification (GIA and AGS). The added brilliance of the Brian Gavin Black or the signature diamond as the diamond increases is really effective.

Brian Gavin Bespoke Diamonds: The unique advantage of Brian Gavin Diamonds is that they are one of the leading diamond cutters in the world. If you are looking for something rare, Brian will cut a diamond by making the right choice. Adding a diamond to one of their custom engagement rings results in an exclusive experience.

Abe More Diamonds: If you live near New York City, or have the option to travel there, Abe More is a unique option. Abe Moor, a major diamond expert, is a true wholesaler who works with boutique jewelry designers around town. She has provided unique diamond and jewelry options to many of our readers. If you are following this route it is best to contact us first. When working with a wholesaler, it is best to have a clearer idea of ​​what you would like before asking about options.

James Allen: Focused on customer experience, great pricing, and incredible diamond images. All diamonds offer high quality certification (GIA and AGS).

When using this or any other diamond dealer, follow this expert’s recommendations:

  • Every 3-carat diamond you consider comes with a GIA or AGS certificate
  • Check out the comparison diamonds at online retailers to ensure a great price.
  • Only consider standard cut or high quality GIA diamonds. Diamond cut diamonds are the greatest indicator of brightness, beauty and fire.
  • Contact a diamond expert to review and find high quality 3-carat diamonds. Losing a small detail in purchasing a one size diamond is very costly.

Divided into carat and diamond sizes

Diamond size and diamond carat are often confused with the same thing. However, the diamond carat refers to the weight of the diamond – where the size of the diamond relates to the visual appearance.

  • A large diamond means it is not a large carat. The area, depth and other shape features of the table surface are not affected by the carat weight of the diamond. These aspects depend on the shape of the diamond and the way the diamond is cut – both of which contribute to the size of the diamond.
  • For example, a 3-carat oval diamond ring like this one will likely appear larger than this 3-carat round brilliant cut in a solitaire setting. Both are stunning choices, but the carat weight is the same but the size is different.
  • In terms of carat weight and size, check out some options and diamond sizes to determine which diamond is most appealing to you.

To help you make a decision, we have created the graphic below to help you compare the actual size with the normal size. Each diamond scale represents an average 3 carat stone with a US quarter. Click here to enlarge the picture better.

Price of a 3 carat diamond ring

Typically, 3 carat diamonds cost between 19,000 and 95–95,000, although some cost more than $ 100,000. The price of a 3-carat diamond ring depends on several factors, including cut quality, precision, color and size. For example, this 3 carat K / VS1 excellent round cut diamond costs 21 21,260 while this 3 carat K / VS2 excellent round cut diamond 19 costs 19,880. The price for a slightly lower precision grade of the second diamond fell by 1, 1,380, or about 7%.

  • The quality of the cut is the factor that most affects the price and beauty of a 3 carat diamond ring. For this reason we suggest only considering the great and ideally cut 3-carat diamond. Such a large purchase is worthless due to a diamond without the brilliance of a low cut quality result – it is definitely worth paying more for the cut quality. Color and clarity also affect the price of 3 carat diamonds, but not the cut.
  • As the carat weight increases, so does the price per carat. Diamonds with a higher carat weight are rarer, especially a high-quality cut. For example, the average

As the carat weight increases, so does the price per carat. Diamonds with a higher carat weight are rarer, especially a high-quality cut. For example, the average cost of a 3.5-carat diamond is between 000 24,000,000 and 000 110,000, which is a little over 16,165,000.

Determination of the transparency rate of a 3-carat diamond ring

A diamond’s 4C (cut, color, precision, and carat weight) affects its beauty and brightness in many ways. Clarity Indicates How Ineffective the Diamond Is When checking a diamond for clarity, we want to look for surface imperfections, spots, inclusions, and additional aspects of the diamond.

The GIA precision scale ranges from best to worst: internally flawless (IF), very small inclusion 1 (VVS 1), very small inclusion 2 (VVS 2), very small inclusion 1 (VS1), very small inclusion 2 (VS) 2), Minor Inclusion 1 (SI1), Minor Inclusion 2 (SI2), Inclusion 1 (I1), Inclusion 2 (I2).

If the GIA quality is valid and consistent, it should not be considered the only material in terms of the clarity of the diamonds.

The differences between the two classes such as VVS2 and VS1 are rarely noticeable to the naked eye – but prices can vary significantly. For example, an eye cleaner diamond that is rated lower than an innocent diamond looks the same and assumes that everything else is the same. The only difference you will notice is the price.

For this reason, we recommend that you check the diamond yourself or provide competent help. We can help you avoid spending extra on a feature that is invisible to the naked eye.

Verifying diamond precision correctly can sometimes be challenging when viewing discoveries online. This is why we recommend using James Allen as they are the only sellers who provide high quality pictures of all of their diamonds. With their world class technology, you will find this beautiful SI2 diamond that will save you 15% more than a medium VS2 like this one.

For 3 carat diamonds, we recommend a minimum of VS2 clarity. Most of the spots and inclusions in this class disappear with the naked eye. It is possible to find an S1 with inclusions near the edges. These inclusions can be hidden once the diamond has been placed in a setting.

  • To maintain a reasonable cost in terms of clarity, we usually recommend at most a VVS2 as there are no imperfections or inclusions to the naked eye.
  • Most importantly, you should be looking for an eye clean diamond. In this case, if you are not sure, contact an expert.

Curse of the 3 carat diamond ring

A great 3 carat diamond can be found in any diamond shape. The diamond shape is often the first choice based on personal preference and style.

If size or appearance is important to you or the recipient, it is helpful to note the difference in finish between 3-carat diamonds of different sizes. Depending on the size of the table (the flat surface of a diamond on top), a certain size may appear larger.

The following table divides the surface into different shapes based on the diamond shape:

  • Approximate diamond-shaped table top for 3 carats
  • Round brilliant cut 9.37 × 9.37 × 5.65 mm
  • Princess cut 7.95 × 7.95 × 5.72 mm
  • Emerald cut 9.64 × 7.14 × 4.64 mm
  • Ashtray cut 8.1 × 8.1 × 5.27 mm
  • Radiation section 8.33 x 8.33 x 5.33 mm
  • Pillow cut 8.4 x 8.4 x 5.38 mm
  • Oval diamond 11.7 7.8 × 4.76 mm
  • Pear-shaped diamond 13.05 × 7.86 × 4.79 mm
  • Heart-shaped diamond 9.46 × 9.46 × 5.68 mm
  • Marquise Diamond 14.98 × 7.49 × 4.57 mm
  • Trillion diamonds 11.16 × 11.16 × 4.46 mm
  • The color of the 3-carat diamond ring is OR

The diamond color is rated from D to Z by GIA. Grade D indicates the clearest, most colorless diamond and Z indicates the easily recognizable brown or yellow diamond.

It is noteworthy that the difference between the individual classes is largely negligible. As James Allen says in his Diamond Color article, “Most people find it very difficult (if not impossible) to tell the difference between one class of color and another.” However, the price difference can be significant enough.

We recommend checking the diamond yourself because of the one-minute interval between color classes. What you see with the naked eye is more important than the GIA rating. Most online diamond dealers provide detailed pictures and videos for this purpose.

When looking at the color of the 3 carat diamond make sure the diamond matches its settings as a beautiful colorless G grade diamond will maintain its white appearance in yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

Any K-colored diamond, on the other hand, will likely only look white in dark settings like this rose gold solitaire setting. K-colored diamonds are usually a showy yellow color, but unlike jewelry, they look crisp and bright.

Remember that the diamond cut is the most important element in a diamond’s beauty and quality. When you have exceptionally cut diamonds like the Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond Collection, the color is just as difficult to see. We always recommend spending more on diamond cut areas than on diamond colors.

Our general recommendation is to consider 3-carat diamonds in the nearly colorless range from G to I. These diamonds appear colorless to the naked eye and cost much less than those in the D to F.

How to get the best price on a 3 carat diamond ring

Our goal is to find the most extraordinary 3-carat diamond for you – at a price that is great on the market. We want you to be able to spend your budget on engagement rings in areas that seriously detract from the diamond’s beauty and to be able to return to areas that are invisible to the naked eye.

Above all, we recommend an expert to check the diamond himself or to help you. We also recommend that any diamonds you are considering have a GIA or AGS certificate. This confirms that what has been said has been validated by the respected assessment body.

If a seller advises you to buy a diamond with a different rating unit, it is best to clear it. Regardless of what is said in the lab report, the actual quality of the diamond is much lower than what is said.

Follow our expert advice to ensure your 3-carat diamond is bright, shiny and maintains its quality:

  • Size: Choose the diamond size that is most attractive to you and the wearer. The shape is first determined in a personal style. Choose a setting that ensures the stability of the shape of your choice.
  • Cut: Make sure your diamond is the ideal cut or an excellent grade on the GIA scale. The exceptionally cut diamond maximizes fire and shine over all other features.
  • Clarity: Narrow your search to transparent VS1 and VS2 notes. They give the highest value to what can be seen with the naked eye. In these qualities, spots and inclusions can be seen.
  • Color: Look at diamonds in the almost colorless range from G to I. The naked eye sees these diamonds as clearly as diamonds in the range from D to F, but it also costs less.
  • Online Diamond Dealers: Choose a diamond from a reputable diamond seller with quality cuts and years of efficiency. Diamond dealers of this caliber include Brian Gavin Diamonds, James Allen and Blue Blue.

The price of a 3-carat diamond goes up

  • Type Total costs Diamond costs Determination of the cost specifications
  • 3.55 Carat Round Pucca $ 53,281 $ 22,730 ($ 7,576 / ct) $ 830 $ 3.00ct Round J Color SI 1 Precision
  • 3.02 carat cushion cut Classic Solitaire 31,563 27,460 ($ 8,346 / ct) $ 1,310 3.29 carat cushion J color VS2 precision
  • 3.01 Carat Princess Cut Side Stone Ring 25,560 23,690 ($ 7,870 / CT) $ 1,870 $ 3.01ct Princess Cut Eye Color VS2 Precision
  • 3.01 Carat Oval Pav Rose Gold Ring $ 29,250 27,590 ($ 9,166 / CT) $ 1,660 3.01ct Oval Cut Eye Color VS2 Precision


Use the information in this guide to make finding 3-carat diamond rings easier. Bookmark our link so you can refer to it when viewing different diamonds online.

If you are unsure of choosing the ideal cut diamond at an affordable price, contact our experts who will be happy to help. With years of experience and a view of thousands of diamonds, we can easily distinguish a luxurious, high-quality 3-carat diamond from an excellent choice.

A 3-carat diamond expands your options. We have helped many of our readers work directly with diamond importers and boutique jewelry designers. If you are unsure about the weight of the carat, we also have instructions for 1-carat and 2-carat diamonds.