This Grandma Posed In Her Wedding Dress – And The Reflection In The Image Has Melted Hearts

When Amy Buchan Kavelaras found her grandmother’s old wedding dress in the attic, she immediately wanted her grandma to try it on. The older woman, named Ruth, was skeptical at first, but she decided to humor Amy by seeing if the gown still fit. And the results were so surprising that grandma Ruth has now become something of an internet sensation.

But neither Amy nor Ruth anticipated the response that they’d receive after posting a picture of the moment online. The women were just having fun and Ruth had tried on the wedding dress on the spur of the moment. Nonetheless, such dresses often hold significant meaning in a married woman’s life.

The dress is, of course, a beautiful and essential part of a ceremony that unites two people into a loving partnership. And many women cherish their gowns and even pass them down through the family. Ruth’s wedding dress was a symbol of her long marriage to her husband, which lasted for 43 years.

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