Extremely Rare | Round Cut | 1.5 Carat | Padparadscha Sapphire


Extremely Rare – Round Cut – One And Half Carat – Padparadscha Sapphire

If you are pondering about your “gemstone of choice”, then Sapphires should be right at the top of consideration.

These beautiful gemstone are rare, almost as hard as diamonds, and are available in a multitude of bright and vivid colors.

In many cases even though Sapphires can be much more rare than diamonds, the cost can be considerably less. So if you are tempted to bring a little color in to your engagement ring, then you can be rest assured that Sapphires are a perfect choice for that.

And if you just need to watch the budget and the diamond that you wanted is out of reach, White Sapphires are an excellent “Diamond Alternative”. By purchasing a White Sapphire for your engagement ring instead of a diamond, you can save as much as 90% over a comparable diamond.

Although White Sapphires can be very brilliant, the cut of the Sapphire will be very important. Precision and symmetry will be very important to ensure that you capture all of the brilliance that is possible.

And if you still decide that you would like to purchase a diamond in the future, taking the sapphire out of your engagement ring and placing it in a necklace will make a beautiful and meaningful anniversary present.

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