The Lindy Ring with White Sapphires at

As the latest addition to my line of Art Deco rings, the “Lindy” embraces the sunburst motif of its vintage roots. The proportions are perfectly balanced to create an ideal form. It is custom-made-to-order and is available in various finishes, sizes, and carat weights. The center oval sapphire is framed by a diamond halo (diamonds are used because sapphires appear life-less at that scale). Outside the halo, alternating custom-cut baguette and round stones cascade at different levels, catching the eye from every angle. The delicate wiring slightly lifts the stones, allowing the light to illuminate from below. The setting sits very low profile and can accommodate a wedding band flush to the engagement ring. I have two standard options for matching wedding bands: 1. A 14k solid band ($150); 2. A micro diamond pave band in 14k ($550 or $650 for sizes 6.5 and over). I can also make custom bands based on your specifications. This ring is a hand-crafted labor of love, perfect for engagements, anniversaries, and special occasions.