Celebrities who Love Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn as per Vedic Astrology. Saturn is a karmic planet and Saturn periods will make or break an individual’s life. The Sade Sathi/ Saturn cycle can be a defining phase in an individual’s life.Blue Sapphire recommendation should be made with caution. Due diligence should be taken to ensure that the Blue Sapphire is absolutely Jyotish Quality and free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts.That is why celebrities from India or abroad are seen wearing this magnificent gemstone.From Megastar Amitabh Bachchan to KIngs of Music A R Rehmaan and Sonu Nigam have worn this stone to obtain positive results from planet Saturn.Even Beauty queens and famous actresses like Aishwarya Rai , Penelope Cruz love wearing Neelam. And not to forget that its a favourite among British Royal Family.Kate Middleton , The Duchess of Cambridge wore it in her engagement ring.