Delight Lady Di Engagement Ring | Hearts On Fire Melbourne

Now let’s have a closer look at the Delight Lady Di ring by Hearts on Fire. The first thing you’ll notice, of course, is how much it sparkles. It’s so bright, and it has all seven colours of the rainbow that come out of it. The reason for that is because the diamond’s perfectly cut, but also the design.

This is a halo design, but it’s quite unique in that the outside diamonds are two different sizes. Also, the designer has put the claws on the outside tips of the diamonds, which results in a kind of snow flake effect. It’s a very beautiful ring, and because of this halo effect, it looks really, really big. It represents great value for money, because if it was a single diamond, it would be costing multiple times the price. It has a beautiful, classic design heritage, which means that every time you look at it, it will look in fashion, and bring you so much joy from how much it sparkles.

A beautiful design by Hearts on Fire.