White Sapphire Engagement rings|Best Diamond Alternative Ring SAVE $2000

White sapphire engagement rings handmade by sumudunigems.This white sapphire ring made with 18K white gold.Center stone is 2-carat oval white sapphire its origin is Ceylon.
This white sapphire gemstone is natural unheated and cut to perfection.

VVS clarity grade and AAAA quality.This kind of sapphire ring sells more than $4000 in the normal market.We sell this sapphire engagement ring for $1899.

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Why can we offer this kind of price for you?We directly buy sapphire from its source so no middlemen.You can see our sapphire hunting videos here..

White sapphire rings are the best alternative for the costly diamond ring.This kind of diamond ring sells more than $20000.
You can buy custom engagement rings from us.We have any sizes of sapphire stones.
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