Marquise Cut Diamond Size Comparison on Hand Finger Engagement Ring Shaped 1 Carat 3 ct .33 2.5 1.5

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In this video we will do a side by side Marquise Cut diamond size comparison on the finger or hand as well as give you different price comparisons at each cut size. All along giving you different tips and tricks to help you save on diamond shopping.

Each Marquise Cut Size in this video is compared to this 1 Carat Diamond on a hand with a size 6 finger. This 1 carat diamond at Kay Jewelers like most Brick and Mortar jewelry stores is about $15900 and that is because it is very high quality. Now also in this video we take those diamonds and compare them to the exact same quality diamond from a website I will put in the description below this video. This one is $5260 so you’d save over $10600 from my link below this video.

Lets Start with a .25 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond on the finger. Normally people don’t buy center stones this small. But Marquise tend to look bigger than equal carats of other cuts so some people will buy them this small for Marquise. I will compare Marquise with round and princess cuts toward the end of this video.

This is a .33 or 1/3 carat marquise engagement ring on the hand. The down sides of Marquise Cut diamonds is that they sparkle a little less than round cuts then again that is why they tend to be less expensive than their round cut counterparts. Because of the length of the marquise cuts you might guess this was a .5 Carat diamond

But This is a .5 or 1/2 carat marquise Diamond on the finger. If you bought this diamond from clicking on my link below you’d save $4800. The big issue with special cuts like this is they don’t get official cut grades. Cut grade is important to know because it tells you the most about how much the diamond sparkles and if the diamond looks as big as the carat suggests. Watch my other videos for more on this.

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