DOUBLE EDGE HALO DIAMOND RING | Making An Engagement Ring | Lisa’s Cushion Cut Halo Ring

DOUBLE EDGE HALO DIAMOND RING | Making An Engagement Ring | Lisa’s Cushion Cut Halo Ring

This video shows a cushion cut halo engagement ring I custom created for Lisa. It features diamonds set closely together to maximize brilliance, and no gap between the cushion cut diamond and cushion halo for a seamless effect of sparkle on this cushion cut halo engagement ring. It also features a double edge halo which gives MAJOR sparkle on your engagement ring.

💎 FINE DETAIL #1: Zero-Gap Halo With Thin Claw Prongs So There Is Seamless Sparkle
💎 FINE DETAIL #2: Diamonds Are Set Close Together to Maximize Brilliance
💎 FINE DETAIL #3: Double Edge Halo So It Sparkles From Every Angle
💎 FINE DETAIL #4: Proportional Halo Next To The Center Diamond

The scintillation & fire of a beautifully cut Cushion Cut Diamond like this ensures that it has INTENSE SPARKLE, which is one of the special features that make this Cushion Cut Diamond on the finger really pop.


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Feedback From One of Vanessa’s YouTube Viewers:
“I want to say that I love love love your youtube videos…and you helped me answer a huge lingering question that I had about halo rings…
I couldn’t figure out why I absolutely LOVED some and hated others. And it all made sense when I watched your video about building the halo to fit the exact shape of the diamond, and setting the diamond low so that there can be ‘seamless bling’…Yay!”
– Teckla Clay
Los Angeles, CA


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