Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring. White and Yellow 18K Gold

I can make your jewellery!
I can redesign your jewellery using your gold, your old jewellery or your precious stone.
I can record a nice video making your jewellery.
It’s not important where you’re from, I can do this online.

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I can teach you how to set diamonds or any other stones.
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I can teach you how to do jewellery.
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Bespoke white and yellow 18K gold, the combination of high quality diamonds and expert jewellery craftsmanship.
Central diamond it is setted in handmade flower mount.
Micro pave setting in the shoulders.
Master piece of jewellery made by hand in AndreeaDesign workshop.
My fine unique jewellery are made to order to suit your personal requirements.
This ring represent a truly personal symbol of love.
I guarantee 100% satisfaction on all products and services you purchase from my shop.

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