Antique Sapphire Engagement Rings to Make You Say Bye to Diamonds

Antique Sapphire Engagement Rings to Make You Say Bye to Diamonds

Green Sapphire and Black Rhodium Ring ($2,750 for setting only):
This features a 14K yellow gold setting and black rhodium ring perfectly complements the smokey green sapphire in the middle. this ring has a vintage-look like which make it more owesome.

Padparadscha Sapphire Ring ($15,000):
Padparadschas is one among the rarest and priciest kind of sapphire, and resemble the pink-orange color of a lotus flower. this ring weight around 10.3-carat.

Green Tea Sapphire Ring ($1,900):
This light green sapphire is made with diamonds surrounding it in a rose gold setting.

French Sapphire Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring ($6,999):
this ring has an art deco design with a mix of diamonds and blue sapphires.

Champagne Peach Sapphire Ring ($2,500):
every brides will love this soft champagne peach sapphire with rose gold. this ring is such a symbol of Romanism.

Sapphire and Diamond Band ($9,025):
This sapphire and diamond band is the perfect choice for those who don’t like large center stones.

Cultured Blue Sapphire Ring ($1,970):
This modern ring features a light blue cultured sapphire that gives it a raw, earthy look. people who love natural-looking ring will definitely love this ring.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring ($1,490):
The diamond halo surrounding this white sapphire makes for quite a show with affordable price.

Lavender Sapphire Solitaire Ring ($815):
Don’t underestimate the simplistic beauty of this solitaire lavender sapphire in a rose gold setting.

Raw Uncut Pink Sapphire Ring ($195):
Brides who want to swap a little sparkle for a modern design will love this raw hot pink sapphire.

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