Ruby and diamonds ring IVY R1619

The center stone of this femininely elongated ring is a diamond fashioned in a subtle pear-shape with a carat weight of 1.41. It is surrounded by oval rubies weighing in total 1.59 cts, and single-cut rubies of 0.34 cts. The ring is set in 18k rose gold.

18K Pink Gold
Pear shape Diamond 1.41 ct
Ruby 1.59 ct / 9 pcs
Ruby 0.34 ct / 41 pcs
Diamonds 0.10 ct / 12 pcs

Натуральныe рубины, сертификат, кольцo IVY, золото 18k,
чистый, яркий, красивая огранка, Яворский. Лучшая цена! Купить онлайн 

…Ruby and sapphire are the gem varieties of the mineral corundum and crystalize in the trigonal (hexagonal) crystal system. Beguilingly simple, corundum is composed of just aluminum oxide. The crimson of ruby is produced by traces of chromium.The major sources of ruby are Burma, Mozambique, Tanzania…

(extract from the RUBY chapter of the book ‘Gemstones. Terra Connoisseur’ by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)